Advancing Humanity

“Today, the world is gradually plunging into political, social, economic and moral chaos. We are increasingly creating apocalyptic visions of the end of life on Earth as a result of an eventual collision with an asteroid, as a result of supposedly catastrophic climate changes, or as a result of our own destructive activity. More and more institutes, institutions and think tanks are releasing new forecast reports, which do not focus on analysing opportunities for excellent future development but on predicting threats and alleged threats to us from a terrifying future. This fear of the coming future, disbelief in our human talents, and the positive ability to create the world are obviously related to man’s denial of reason. Therefore, rejecting logic and rationality, modern civilisation has no positive vision of its future. At most, it speculates on that future, acting as if the future of humankind was to come of its own accord, not to be created by man. This mindless fatalism and the flight from taking responsibility for the future places contemporary culture and civilisation on the level of primitive societies and cultures, in which individuals and entire communities are incapable of planning this future and taking full responsibility for themselves and their own development. This infantile attitude, in turn, results in a deepening fear of the coming times, which we can now follow at every step.

It’s time to get over this.”

Krzysztof Zawisza, The paradigm of science as a consequence of the intelligence quotient of scientists.

We don’t have artificial intelligence, but real one.