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Forging a new and sustainable future for humanity

At the institute, science and engineering are the backbone

Improving the human condition is the core motivation of the Institute

We believe to make progress, we must challenge the status quo

Executive Members

The Syncritic Team

Born in 1963. Lives in Warsaw, Poland. Professionally active mathematician and logician, physicist, astronomer and cosmologist. Author of several revolutionary discoveries, i.e. Rule of Chance or Unified Field Theory. Member and honorable member of several international high IQ societies. Short stories and poems writer. Keeper of a micro-pig, who lives with him. Learn more..

Born in 1989. Lives in Italy. Has a degree in medicine and surgery, resident in Clinical Pathology dept. Published novelist and poet. Elite member of several international high IQ societies. Interested in chess, music, books and astronomy. She loves knowledge because it’s free. Learn more..


Joanna Swiecka

Lives in Warsaw, Poland. Graduated Language and Applied Linguistic Studies. Worked in public administration and cooperated with international bodies such as WHO or UN. Author of the popular science essay book “New Era or a key to a reason” based on ideas and concepts of scientist Krzysztof Zawisza. Books and dog lover. Learn more..

Born in 1986. Lives in Mexico City. Scored IQ 190/15 SD. Mathematician, interested in biology and ecology; author of the concept of Multidimensional Conceptual Art. English and Spanish teacher. Women rights activist. Kung fu champion and chess fan. Learn more..

Executive Manager

Carolina R. Escamilla

Born in 1985. Lives in Austin, Texas. Discoverer of a new kind of mathematics. Studied Architectural Engineering and Business Foundations at the University of Texas at Austin. The founder and principal of an engineering consulting company, ArchE LLC. On her spare time, she creates and manages intellectual property of various literary genres through MaktuB Studio. Her family consists of two daughters, a dog and two cats which she spoils often. Learn more..

Research Lead

Art Pletcher

Born and live in the USA. Engineer. Author of original publications in the fields of physics and astrophysics. Studio and murals painter. Member of Mensa, committed to helping gifted youth. Learn more..

Creative Lead

Marlena N. Witek

Born in 1974. Lives in Silesia, Poland. Graduated from art school and architecture studies. Professionally involved in car design. Entrepreneur and creative thinker. She discovered a new approach to physics based on the concept of information and completely independent technical assumptions based on the Theory of Rotation. She perceives reality as a technical entity that can be re-designed. Love dogs and long walks in nature. Learn more..

Member (Co-Founder)

Claus Volko

Born in 1983, called “clever” child since he started formal education. Studied medicine, medical informatics and computational intelligence. The founder and president of Prudentia High IQ Society. As a part of a bigger research group he has contributed into papers in the fields of endocrinology, oncology and psychiatry, he’s also an author of article exploring a new research paradigm. Learn more..

Project Administrator

Armin Becker

Born in 1974 in Germany, where he lives to this day. Free thinker, philosophy lover. Member of more than a dozen of High IQ Societies. Loves playing chess, making music and meditate. Strong supporter of psychedelics in raising awareness and medicine. Learn more..

Syncritic Institute Ambassador

Katja Ujčič

Born in Slovenia, recognized as highly gifted and abstract thinker from an early age. Studied social science, economics, psychology and yoga therapy. Funder of GeniusX which helps gifted individuals to recognize their nature. Ballet dancer and yoga enthusiast, love to paint. Learn more…

Member (Co-Founder)

Bhekuzulu Khumalo

Lives in Toronto, Canada, but born in 1972 in Zimbabwe. Creator of a new economic discipline: knowledge economics. Has BA in economics, he’s also self-financed experimental physicist. Podcast creator, Tai Chi lover. Pictured wearing his traditional headgear. Learn more…

Member (Co-Founder)

Richard Louis Amoroso

A septuagenarian baby boomer, a typical product of the American melting pot, is of Italian, Scottish, German and Polish ancestry whose mother’s bloodline includes Mayflower passengers. Polymath; works in a dozen fields in physics, defense systems, epigenetics, medicine, jurisprudence, psychology, philosophy of mind, theology. Director: The Noetic Advanced Studies Institute Escalante Desert Research Station. Learn more…