Art Pletcher

Author of four published Physics articles, across a wide spectrum of fields: Astrophysics, Quantum Physics and Astronomy Measurement Methodology. Fine noted Artist: Arthur has painted hundreds of portraits and murals, including municipal murals. Member of American Mensa and The International Society for Philosophical Enquiry (1/1000 High IQ Society). Former Automotive Mechanical Design Engineer for Ford Motor and Chrysler: Advanced Product Development Design and innovations, from concept to prototype to production. Boy Scouts of America Leader since 2013. Former Gifted Youth Coordinator for Southeast Michigan Mensa (2001 thru 2007).


● Art Gallery FACE AND WALL

● Physics article in Nueroquantolgy Magazine Quantum Cosmology and the Role of Consciousness | Neuroquantology

● Astrophysics article 1 Why Mature Galaxies Seem to Have Filled the Universe Shortly After the Big Bang — A New Cosmological Model, that Predicted the JWST Observations – Article (v3) by Arthur Pletcher | Qeios

● Astronomy Measurement Methodology Simultaneity in Minkowski Spacetime, as Parallax – Article (v1) by Arthur Pletcher | Qeios

● Quantum Physics article Quantum Non-separability, Consciousness, Negentropy and a New Concept of Gravity – Article (v1) by Arthur Pletcher | Qeios

[You can find the draft, which has not yet been officially published, here]