Jaime Alfonso Navas

Born in Mexico 13th of May, 1986. Scored IQ 190/15 SD, a child prodigy, showed uncanny intellect early in his life in many areas, especially abstract thinking. Made a mathematical discovery at age 9 on square roots to be able to compute them mentally. In 5th grade, at the age of 10, he co-founded the “Ambassador for ecology” position at his school. At age 12, he rediscovered Zeno’s paradox and unified it into one. He is an English teacher as well as Spanish and mathematics. He is proposing a new wild fields classification and is currently working on two theorems in the mathematical field of Complex analysis. 

Worked with Prof. Ian Hale and Prof. Newton Lee, who worked at DoD (U.S. Department of the Defense) on an academic project, promoting Prof Ian Hale’s book on autism and providing information towards the work. He is currently contesting to win an academic Guinness World Record.

He has saved the lives of several people, including friends, family and other people, including children. He saved many animals and plants as well.

Women rights activist. Single, never been married, no pets. 

Plastic model kits, jigsaw puzzles, and chess are his favourite hobbies. He also has taught Kung fu and has been a champion. 

He intends to make great contributions to biology with his theories and genetics to devise new ways to save endangered species with genetics and proposals.

The Socrates’ mind drawing

Jaime Alfonso Flores Navas

The mind of Socrates

The wrought beam stands for his TREND on question-answer, always upward, and to the almost end we see a tenous multidimensional tube which is genius leap insights. The lower part is a bit twisted and darker, Mpius stip-like trended for that’s how the next step to find something, darker because of how mind works when having doubt. Humility towards knowledge right from the start, based on non-empirical posture, plus self-questioning, to empiricism yet and most of all questioning all by knowing his limitations on top, thus forming a congruent frame of mind, too supported by the thin yet cyclically congruent brown beam to the right, for his temperance and character that featured him. He questioned himself thus in a cycle which is the blue halo that engirdles the whole figure, for he stood by: A life that is not questioned is not worth living. Notice some odd shades around some streamed lines? Those stand for a stern determination which give him some imperfection as well. The three horizontal streams stand for love, compassion, and reason, thus wisdom, in his attempt to make it all practical.

The First Principles of Multidimensional Conceptual Art

Jaime Alfonso Flores Navas

The Leonardo’s mind

The first and most basic dimensions are related to the most basic instincts and most basic reasoning skills in our species.

Some questions to be born in MIND: Life is.

“Why can some humans be disgustingly cruel to other humans???”

“Because some humans can be disgustingly cruel to other humans.”

Do you see how the question posed in that example is one of anguish, despair, and denial?

Denial sounds like this: “Why can’t they see others’ pain??” “Why can’t they see what I see??” “Why can’t they see they are harming themselves too??” 

“Why? Why? Why?”

^ all of that is denial.

Jokes make use of 5th-8th dimensions but 7th-8th make most use of them.

Yes, it is a common human behavior to diminish enthusiasm to acquire knowledge another person holds. 

Because if they show too much desire and excited energy, the other human may hold back the knowledge because now they realize they have leverage.

I’m talking about human nature in general. We humans have some streak of predators yet

1st Scenario.

Person A: “Hey I got a secret gossip to share with you.”

Person B: “Oh? Well tell me if you want. Or don’t.” (Acting real chill.)

Person A thinking subconsciously: Hmm. I’m not being given much energy from person b. I better tell them the juicy gossip so they get really excited and give me more energy.


2nd scenario.

Person A: “Hey I got a secret gossip to share with you.”


Person A thinking subconsciously: Whoa!! That was a LOT of energy. More than I wanted. Yuck too much. 

Buuuuut, I can see person b is desperate for my information. I’m holding a one-of-a-kind hot commodity. I only have one chance to use it. I’m gonna hold back on the information and think how to leverage it. Maybe I’ll make them beg for my information a little. That will move me up in the power ranks.

This is how the majority of humans operate to some level. 

The supposed “popular” kids that gain the most social influence learn, understand, and leverage this “skill” subconsciously mostly. Few folks are conscious of it. 

Supposed “Dorky” kids get swept up in these subtle games and buckle to being overpowered by them. They don’t know how to leverage these games nor resist power plays. 

It may be common to be conscious of it, but it took a long time for me to recognize the impact and power behind these subconscious games. Most dismiss the nonsense as trivial. But it’s not trivial. Not in the least.

7th and 8th dimensions entail smartness, clever people and people who have, mostly, a good intelligence level and are have gifts likea profound intuition and even clarevoyance, such dimensions are attainable according to the comlexit of abstraction.

People with IQ over 160 are proner to conceive more than just 3 dimensions, conventionally.

Key differences between:

1.) 5th and 6th dimensions

2.) 6th and 7th dimensions

3.) 7th and 8th dimensions

5th dimension-6th dimension: 5th dimension entails the basics of human reasoning compared to animals in terms of the ability of questoning themselves though not very awarely. Basic animal instincts rule behaviour, and the dumbest ones are not evil but in this dimension evil begins (as we all know, it takes a certain degree of intelligence to be evil for evil understands somehow).

in other words: very rudimentary and primitive holds for 5th dimension. 6th dimension is about when intuition is a little more developed, and normal intelligence people stand. Bear on MIND that dimensions also are not exactly integers.

Say, there may be someone with 5.5 dimensions, 7.8, 8.4, per say

naturally, 5th and 6th dimensions are related but not VERY closely as 6th and 7th dimensions are basically, the difference relies on the ability to think, sense (intuition), creativity (imagination and memory) and even gifts like clairvoyance or ACTUAL (not fake) mediums. 

Now, an important difference from 6th to 7th dimension is that in 6th dimension intuition and smarts come VERY tighthly related, but not so in 7th or 8th, in which both, smarts and intuition and clarevoyance are not linearly dependent.

You may have someone with 7 dimension in their minds yet a gift: profound intuiton which does not necessarily comes in 8th dimension) or clarevoyance, but people with a very high degree of intelligence an some clarevoyance and great intuiton definetly are in 8th dimensions.

Curiously, people with 5 and 6 dimensions are moe predictable and more contradictive to themselves

This is one SIDE of how they work paradoxically the general side.

There’s always more sides to them than that. Let´s examine this: Some smart people can be very good at something, say company management but really stupid at science, or arts.

The equation changes.

Even the vilest human has some kind behaviors.

Yes! pure evil does not exist! That is to be discussed too.

Or people say with 50 in IQ but are paramount in music, or arts upon the whole.

Art can be encompassed in ALL dimensions from 5th to 8th, science NOT.

Now it can be SEEN in PART WHY I chose to render love as such in art.

Intelligence/talent in only one discipline of human-created academic knowledge vs Intelligence/talent in several disciplines of human-created academic knowledge.

Does not put the second at a higher dimension. 

Dimensions are about enlightenment and gifts.

I love to say it.

basically yes, the overall SHAPE is correct irony about it.

I also spoke about one SIDE of the spectrum.

people with a very developed ability of abstract reasoning nowadays oftentimes don’t believe in intuition or a superpower that much.

There is thus a contradiction.

If, 5th to 6th dimensions tend to be more contradictory, in terms of basic logics and even practical stuff, but sometimes 8th dimension people contradict themselves in light of our humanly limited condition,

which clearly makes evident what we drag from 5th-6th 


In other words, mundane and primitive traits.

At this point, 8th dimension, from the overall scope, we notice a paradox, just at this point, not to mention emotional!

One area of perspective can be on 8th dimension. Another on 5th dimensions.

Smart in some things. Basic in other things.

A basic difference between 7th and 8th dimension is that: 7th dimension in the limit are smart people, and obey more to intuition


It’s only a paradox if you think of these dimensions as literal **places** our spirit bodies in entirety ascend to.

“Paradox” is a subjective perspective.

It’s a judgment call.

And a way of communicating.

Comparing and contrasting for clarity of understanding.

Now, there are cases of geniuses, say 170-180 in IQ who have an uncanny ability of abstraction but are VERY “dysfunctional” in practical areas, many times including emotional traits, and such geniuses married people whose IQ is 90 or less who clearly are not as bright, but they survive and practical and do well in their lives.

Remember what I said about comparing? a basic human trait?as for those examples, their intuition is either too low and/or, they try to deny it unawarely many times, others, very awarely another key trait between 7th-8th dimension what casts them art is that: at 8th dimension, there is a much higher degree of flexibility (prowess) in conceptualization, which can be either a good thing or a bad thing

it largely leads to contradiction on individuals if wrongly used

and can leave them inert.

This possibility and this possibility and this angle and this angle and on and on. Paralyzing.

Naturally, in all dimensions, there is a certain degree of flexibility, like Rain Man, those retarded geniuses, people with 60 in IQ or less who at times, suddenly are able to perform very complicated mental calculations, very clearly exposed like a cascade or fall effect!

Clearly people with 8 dimensions learn and conceptualize to a much higher degree of complexity, and best: in many frames and possibilities, which makes minds more dynamical which as well makes a lot more difficult to name dimensions as such.

It was just an example of people who have such flexibility tends to be VERY HARMFUL to them.

See why I said retarded geniuses with IQ 60? retarded geniuses or retards with a gift? Especially if such gifts come and go, spontaneously and are unable to control such gifts People with 7th and 8th dimensions tend to have a much more complex ability to create learning models and conceptualizations, yet, people in 8th tend to be clearly smarter than 7th.

Such difference is clearer in this point than in “lower” dimensions. 5th to 6th is closer, 6-7 is much closer. This can be seen in rarity of genius.

8th dimension summary of generalizations and tendencies:

– very high degree of intelligence

– some clairvoyance

– great intuition

– learn and conceptualize to a much higher degree of complexity: in many frames and possibilities

– dynamic minds

– ability to create learning models

– ability to create conceptualizations 

– has high degree of control over gifts/abilities

– the ability to conceive up to 11-dimensional.

* * *

I showed you how I see the great minds of Socrates and Leonardo. If you would like to know something about my mind now, I invite you here 🙂