Armin Becker

Born 1974 in Bonn, Germany. I discovered my love for free thinking and philosophy very early on. Since I didn’t get along with the school system, I didn’t pursue an academic career, as many before me. I had to learn the trade of Chemikant in which I worked for several years. Since many decades my favourite philosopher is Friedrich Nietzsche, and I’m finding his main views very similar to mine. I’m member of more than a dozen High IQ Societies (i.e. World Genius Directory, ISI-Society, Glia Society and CIVIQ Society for example). I’m invested in a few hobbies, these include chess, mental calculation, making electronic music, a very large collection of PC games and meditation. I’m a strong supporter of psychedelic usage in raising awareness and medicine (especially psychiatry and mental illnesses treatments). Because I’m very technology affine I am identifying myself as a transhumanist. Maybe one day we all become cyborgs?, who knows?

More information about me (if you want ;)) can be found here.