About Us

The Syncritic Academy is a social and scientific initiative established by people with the highest intelligence in the world, coming from different countries and environments, whose common goal is to counteract the deepening crisis of our civilization and provide humanity with the ability for further development. To this end, our Academy has established the Syncritical Institute, which will bring together the most outstanding of living minds, mostly excluded today from the official scientific community because of their overly high and difficult-to-understand cognitive abilities, causing consternation and fear among the conservative crowd of average academics. 

Despite the constantly growing expenditure on science in the last few decades, due to the democratization of science and the rapid increase in the availability of scientific professions for average people, there has been an unparalleled decline in the average intelligence of representatives of the world of science. As the standards of scientific work adjust to the cognitive abilities of the statistical majority of scientists, the decline in their average intelligence resulted in an unprecedented crisis in science, stopping progress, and in some areas – even a marked regression. 

People have stopped travelling with supersonic planes across the Atlantic, stopped flying to the moon, postponed their trip to Mars from decade to decade, and have no rational idea of replacing depleted fossil fuels with new and more efficient energy sources. The recent pandemic crisis also clearly illustrated the helplessness of modern science and contemporary simplified thinking in the face of new challenges. Modern science, because of the low intelligence of today’s scientists, is rooted in causal, cause-and-effect thinking. It cannot think teleologically; thus, it cannot think ahead.  Those who are only stuck in causal patterns are stuck in the past;  the future does not affect them, so they see no future ahead. 

The world needs new energy. We can give it to you.

As the most intelligent representatives of the human species, we feel obliged to change this state of affairs because its prolongation would lead to a catastrophe. Based on our discoveries and ideas, going far beyond the increasingly narrow paradigm of modern thinking, we, the members of the Syncritic Academy and its Institute, will work hard and devotedly to give people new, extremely efficient sources of energy, new types of propulsion that will allow us to colonize the Universe and new ideas that will free humanity from its stagnation and lead us into a new future, full of sense and meaning.