Carolina R. Escamilla

Born in 1985. Lives in Austin, Texas. She studied Architectural Engineering and Business Foundations at the University of Texas at Austin. As an undergraduate she was given a Teacher Assistantship position in Computer Science. After college she became the founder and principal of an engineering consulting company based in the Austin, currently known as, ArchE LLC. On her spare time, she creates and/ or manages intellectual property of various literary genres through MaktuB Studio. Her family consists of two daughters, a dog and two cats which she spoils often.

When she is not doing engineering work she enjoys learning and writing in the subjects of philosophy, theology, and mathematics. She has precognition abilities which she considers both a blessing and a curse. In addition to learning she enjoys martial arts which include Shotokan karate and currently practices intermediate Jiu Jitsu. She was raised under the Nahua philosophy in which balance and understanding of nature is the purpose of all things. Hence, the world is a constant dance between the physical and the metaphysical. Balance and order are the desired state of all that is, it is the law of the universe.

She is now working on creating new mathematics based on those old concept of balance and order. This mathematics makes it possible to solve the most important mathematical and physical problems that have not yet been balanced and ordered. You can read more about it here.