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Born in 1989. I live in Italy. I have a degree in Medicine and surgery with a specialisation in general medicine. I am a resident in Clinical Pathology. I have published an abstract that was presented at the last national congress of Transfusional Medicine in Italy. I obtained Ecdl, a computer license and a B2 certification in English. Finally, I published 5 books, specifically three books of fiction and two of poetry. They are easily found on websites. I love chess, music, poems and astronomy.

I received a professional certification of giftedness from an Italian psychologist, and I am a member of over forty high IQ societies like Mensa, TNS, Tops, OATHS, Immortal, Venus, Milenija, Real, Atlantiq, Grand, Synaptiq, Universal Genius, GLIA, Sthiq, Prometheus 2.0, Grand Master, Poetic Genius, Wgd, Gain, Milenija, Hall of Sophia, Isi and ISPE (ex-member). I have been accepted as a Fellow and Advisor of the United Sigma Intelligence Association(USIA).

I love knowledge because it is free.

You can find out more about me here (and there).



A sun, a moon

1 and 2,

Knowledge and study

A sun, a moon

1 and 2

Perfect balance,

A sun, a moon,

1 and 2

Virtue and spirit.

A sun constructed his most precious theorem

with the love of the most beautiful moon

Theano, in a

Combination of numbers,

arts and

hidden meanings.

The blessed rite of love combined wisdom with sacredness.

Melting spiritual passion

And tender harmony.

Mysterious legend or joyful reality?

I do not know,

In a dream I knew a sun and a moon

Connected in an absolute


  • Veronica Palladino