Katja Ujčič

Katja Ujčič was born in Slovenia and was recognized as highly gifted from an early age. She exhibited traits of an abstract thinker from her youth. After completing her studies and working in responsible positions in her country, Katja delved deeply into the field of gifted psychology. She established GeniusX, the Institute for Research and Development of Giftedness, with the mission of helping individuals identify, nurture, and support their giftedness.

Katja specializes in supporting gifted individuals, both adults and children, as well as their parents, and organizes specialized training for gifted individuals, professionals, specialized employees, parents of gifted children, HR managers, and business owners who want to develop a culture of support for gifted employees. Furthermore, Katja is especially dedicated to providing help and guidance to gifted girls and women, developing specialized programs to enhance their gifted abilities.

She has developed a unique holistic approach (Integral therapy, Therapy for the gifted, Art therapy, Yoga therapy) to identifying and developing giftedness, focusing on comprehensive treatment that enables the successful use of giftedness in both personal and professional life. The approach, a unique blend of modern psychological approaches and a deep understanding of giftedness, combined with her extensive experience and appreciation of the holistic nature of giftedness, covers all aspects of intelligence, abilities, talents, yet-to-be-discovered potentials, and special needs of gifted individuals that are blocking the expression of giftedness. She is specifically focused on delving into the intricate aspects of gifted trauma and the unique complexities experienced by gifted individuals.

Her mission is to bring awareness to the challenges faced by gifted individuals, and advocating for greater understanding and support for gifted individuals and their families in school, mental health environments, as well as in business and society. Katja Ujčič collaborates with numerous international institutions, companies, and individuals within the giftedness domain, engages in EU projects related to giftedness, and participates in humanitarian initiatives to support gifted children from underprivileged backgrounds. She is a member of the High IQ Society, an active member of the Art Therapy & Giftedness interest group in the European Federation of Art Therapy, and a collaborative member of the Daimon Institute for Highly Gifted.

Katja is a ballet dancer and a yoga enthusiast, and finds joy in painting and taking long walks in nature. If you’d like to learn more about her work, you can check additional details here.