Krzysztof Jerzy Zawisza

Born 1963 in Lublin, Poland. In my youth, I was interested in astronomy. In high school, I was a laureate of the nationwide XXV Astronomical Olympiad, then I studied astronomy at the University of Warsaw, and at the beginning of this millennium, I was a participant in a doctoral seminar in the philosophy of nature conducted by the outstanding Polish cosmologist, Archbishop Józef Życiński at the Catholic University of Lublin.

I am the author of several revolutionary yet unpublished (apart from placing them in such places as the website of the Section of the Philosophy of Nature of the Catholic University of Lublin) scientific discoveries. These include a new, fundamental law of nature, tentatively called by me the Rule of Chance, which says that even in random events and processes, there is an order and a mathematical formula for it. I also discovered and developed the once sought-after G.W. Leibniz’s method of creating a mathematical and philosophical language, i.e. a language that contains all absolute general truths and can always decide about the truth. I have also found the formula for a physical Unified Field Theory in the last decade. One of the multiple consequences of this formula is that just as we can split atoms, we can also split photons into parts to achieve antigravity and control matter, space and time by converting chronons (time quanta) into photons (energy quanta) & vice versa. I am currently refining and developing this discovery. People will need it to survive in the near future and for further, long-term development. Some of these works have already been very positively reviewed and evaluated, partly by Polish professors from various research centres and partly by members of various high IQ societies.

I will write about other, even more interesting discoveries and ideas soon elsewhere.

In my spare time I listen to classical music and read a lot. I especially like history books, classic literature, modern, well-written SF novels and science thrillers based on some interesting ideas. Sometimes I write (less often also publish) short stories and poems. In my life, I have traveled whenever I had the opportunity. During these trips, I managed to visit several times, among others: CERN in Geneva, the Vatican Observatory in Castel Gandolfo (Specola Vaticana), the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, as well as various other research centers in Europe and America. I also like to learn foreign languages as much as I have time and strength. I speak and write in English, German and Russian. I also read texts in Latin and ancient Greek [Ἑλληνική]. I am currently learning Italian.

I now live in the capital of Poland – Warsaw – with the 9-year-old mini pig Lola (who weighs almost a hundred kilos, though). I am a member of several international high IQ societies, including the Ligue of Geniuses and the Enigma High IQ Society.

I am the originator of the Syncritic Institute, which aims to help people overcome the current crisis of science and culture and provide them with a good, developing and interesting future. Now, together with my best friends, we are organizing this Institute, inviting the most intelligent, creative and promising people from all over the world to join us.

You can learn more about my work here.