Richard Louis Amoroso

A septuagenarian baby boomer, a typical product of the American melting pot, is of Italian, Scottish, German and Polish ancestry whose mother’s bloodline includes Mayflower passengers. He is classified as a rare sapient denoted a polymath, who works over a dozen fields of physics; additionally, defense systems, epigenetics, medicine, jurisprudence, psychology, philosophy of mind, theology… In similitude of noted physicist G. Lemaître of the prior century, who was a Catholic priest and Astrophysicist, Amoroso is also an LDS High Priest, but unlike Lemaître he does not separate science and theology, providing the broadest panoply of the tools of epistemology for deciphering the fundaments of Natural Science.

Director: The Noetic Advanced Studies Institute Escalante Desert Research Station, Chairman, 22 years international symposium honoring noted French physicist J-P Vigier, who was beloved of the French as L’Hérétique de la Physique. Author of over 50 volumes, some in several languages and 250 papers/book chapters – also an award-winning poet!

In retrospect it seems Amoroso was foreordained to a unique seat by the Zeitgeist to make a lifelong charge of helping to usher in facets of Millennial Science laying the foundation of an empirical framework for an Einstein-like Unified Field Theory or 3rd regime (Classical-Quantum-Unified) of natural science. Mankind’s understanding of existence began in the dark ages of myth and superstition, some elements of which still exist today. Then the Greeks presented reason, followed by Galileo’s introduction of empiricism. Now we are on the brink of the final tool of epistemology – the utility of transcendence in scientific theory formation.

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