Marlena N. Witek

Born mid-70s, in the city of Jaworzno, Poland.

A multitalented artist since early school years; characterized by high sensitivity. In 1992, she completed vocational school specializing in technical and utility ceramics. In 1994, she graduated from the newly established technical high school and obtained the title of ceramic technologist. 

In the following years, she studied architecture and urban planning at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. Never felt like a building designer, she directed her interests toward facility management. 

She enjoys workshops that involved creating new things/ companies/ offers from seemingly unrelated elements. 

She has always been a free spirit, roaming vast meadows, mountains, and forests with beloved dogs. She spent time observing and experiencing nature and always pondered a lot and wanted to pursue some kind of greater good. 

Her further path as a stylist and intuitive car designer led to a breakthrough with a vehicle project based on a new propulsion ideology for the Peugeot brand competition. At that time, she made a paradigm shift in her thinking by making a simple assumption: let’s not perceive gravity based on the obvious perception but observe the (as) “hierarchical assignment.” The organization at the level of vibrations and frequencies (as Nikola Tesla presented it), which hierarchically scale “elementary particles.” By cultivating special biological membranes at the molecular level, we will be able to manipulate carrier frequencies in a coordinate system.

The project that she initially promoted at the Nanonet Foundation caught the attention of physicists and computer scientists; then entered the phase of discussion and media presentations. Her enhanced new perception also entered the developmental phase. She has built completely independent technical assumptions based on the Theory of Rotation for the behaviors of information that depict us. We are entangled (braiding, crocheting, stitch algorithm) with phenomena that carry information about our creation.

Today, she perceives reality as a technical entity, which can be modified and it’s full of the new possibilities. Aboard the Spacecraft Earth, we specifically need this kind of perception and new wearable and recording products for separate “images” and the bigger picture.

Consciousness is also a generated record along with our picture formation (from conception), she thinks. These assumptions serve her in obtaining satisfactory answers to the “puzzles” of her existence, thus they will serve many research institutes and ambitious creators to overcome, for example, ineffective research methods and thought tendencies based on “assimilated perception of the world and phenomena yet”. 

Further dangerous errors are created for the products being developed, including next-generation vaccines, due to faulty thinking methods.

Only architectural studies have built in her the appropriate predisposition to operate perception in any way and engage in physics concerning the world at the level of any accepted perception.

Evolutionarily, we are accelerating and entering the frequency of the digital world. We invest in life extension. Information physics serves these products in their entirety. Sometimes she wonders if this is the purpose in the overarching hierarchy of codes (impulses, electrons – the symbolic conventional names for code potential in nature “0-1”) to which we are evolving in economic processes. New generations “read” reality and the environment differently, in a more plastic and dynamic way.

Something more about her you can find here or there. More about her projects you will reach now and then.