Prof Ian C E Hale PhD FCIS.

I am from the historic City and County of Bristol, England, a member of British Mensa and several High IQ societies including 4E and The Athenian Society. My certified IQ is 193.

A polymath; Consultant Professor and scientist with over 30 years’ expertise in neurodiversity, medical science, and higher education. Senior TEFL instructor, award-winning author, broadcaster speaker and problem-solver. A futurist and broadcaster (GENC TV Global TV, et al) with a proven track record of successful operations in diverse fields, including Intelligence, science and corporate affairs.

Being Asperger’s Syndrome, I think differently and perceive the world, both inner and outer compared with the average person.

Since the age of 13 I have devoted much of my efforts towards finding a method of reversing the ageing process in human beings and other living creatures. That is why my interests are so diverse. I seek knowledge with an open mind from every available source, from machine coding to Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory through to the ancient writings of India (The Vedas) and other sources, some both obscure and/or esoteric.

I believe this has resulted in significant progress by taking a Physics-based approach, versus the usual BioChem one currently so popular. Why, I do not know, since in the developed world life expectancy has either plateaued or fallen-along with average IQ.

Clearly the BioChem approach is not solving our problems, and may indeed be the cause of at least some of them.

2008-Author, speaker, private consultant:

Advisor to the Molecular Reality Corp, Menlo, Ca.

PHE, (Public Health England) UK govt and MoH Govt of India.

Special consultant to the Medi Foundation and addiction centre, Cyprus.

Broadcaster and lecturer (examples):

Guest Professor of Neuro Diversity at Touro Law School, New York, 2020.

Numerous invitations to broadcast and podcasts, including Anna Kennedy OBE’s WRS. London, England. Sept 2021.

Several broadcasts for GENC TV Middle East and Europe.

Keynote speaker, the Charles Walters Society for Innovation & Research, Mumbai, India. Feb 2022.

Expert interview with Prof Dr Ratnesh Dwivedi for Clithio Global TV (India) on the renewed threat of mutated Corona virii. Released on YouTube. Dec 27, 2022.

Interviews with Dr Harold Reitman of Gennady Stoloyarov and Jason C Mercurio of Ageless Partners.

Professional Memberships:

General Teaching Council of England.

Member of British Mensa (The High IQ Society) #22965 (EPG-SIG, America, member.

Member of SENS (Cambridge University).

Member of Stanford University Transhumanist Society.

Honorary Life member, RAF XI Sqdn Association.

The Lifeboat (Science) Foundation. Advisory Board member, 2011.

The Athenian Society Academia Costantiniana, 2010-

2002 Webby Internet award winner.

Knight Commander of the Order of St Thomas of Acre.

Member of the World Academy of Medical Science 2019.

NLAPW Multi-winner, (2015) National League of American Pen Women – for poetry.

WIP (World Icon of Peace) award-winner-2017.

UPLI Award winner (2014,2016,19 & 21) United Poets Laurette International-the world governing body of Poetry.

Art of Autism gold medal for Peace (with Mr Gary Jesch and Mr Peter Cummings) 2021.

Trustee of Autism Nottingham 2021-

Member of the Autism Research panel of Cambridge University.

Public offices:

Member of UK Government Advisory Policy on Autism Strategy from 2009-

Bath and North East Somerset Council special panel on childcare provision, 2011-


Various Journal articles on Autism and Medicine dating back to the 1980’s including

Papers on Autism, for the National Autistic Society (UK) 2004-

HaBAS The Hale-Burkart Academic System – a schematic for global online Higher Education initiatives to Doctorate level (2002).

Completed (2003-08) a research project on the teaching of genetics and blood group heritability of classical Autism for Bath Spa University, published (2010).

Autism Spectrum Disorders: Essentials for patients, caregivers and parents. Published in SSRN, Dec 2010, reprinted 2011.

Simple and Complex PTSD: 2015 et al.

The Insider’s Guide to Autism and Asperger’s: Vook-Random House, NY (2013).

Aspergers, Autism & You International: Foundation for Education, Research and Scholarships, (IFERS) Press, Beverley Hills, Ca (2019).

Corona-The Answer: Smashwords, 2021.


My interests include creative writing, reading, crosswords and photography (I am a European Jury 5 Gold Star rated photographer and digital creator with 3.1m followers across all platforms.

Musician-percussion, piano, guitar and vocals. Collaborative songwriter and videographer.